Spread the Word

  • Email a message to everyone you know to help Janet and others like her. Refer to helpingjanet.com and helpingjanet@gmail.com. You can also include these links in your email signatures!
  • Email a testimonial of Janet from her friends to everyone you know. You can view those testimonials under our “Friends” and “Family” web pages on this site.
  • Spread the word to someone influential to help save Janet.
  • Spread the word through Facebook & Twitter. Invite your friends (esp. minority ones) to join Janet’s Facebook Page!
  • Blog about Janet and her situation.
  • Engage the media to rally to Janet’s cause. Write articles, produce tv, and web interviews about helping patients like Janet!

We also have the following resources (flyers) that you can print and post around your local community:


Please help us reach out to the 92% unregistered Americans (roughly 14 million) to let them know how they can help Janet or one of the other 6,000 patients currently looking for a match.

A successful bone marrow drive is dependent on its volunteers and their support. We are planning many more drives in different areas and we could really use your help. Whether it is handing out flyers, helping at the registration table, preparing swab kits, or just showing your support, your help is greatly appreciated.

We may encounter language barriers in some locations, so if you can speak another language, please indicate that as well.

If you are a volunteer who would like to plan events such as fundraisers or connect us with corporate sponsorships, that would help enormously as well.

We’ve developed several teams across the nation where you can receive updates and form discussions on local volunteer opportunities:

  • San Francisco Bay Area 
  • Los Angeles/Southern California
  • Hawaii
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington State
  • Texas (TBA)
  • New Jersey (TBA)
  • Illinois (TBA)
  • Florida (TBA)
  • Pennsylvania (TBA)


If you would like to show additional support by sending Janet letters, cards or care packages, they can be sent to:

Helping Janet
P.O. Box 1526
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Some items Janet likes for comfort include Burt’s Bees products, stationery or notecards, Bare Essentials makeup, books, blank journals for writing, Whole Foods or Sprouts Farmers gift cards for grocery shopping with foods that can heal and energize her.

Inspired by Team Anh