“626 Movemeant & Team Janet would like to invite you to our dance competition / bone marrow registry benefit for Janet Liang/A3m. 

www.helpingjanet.com | www.asianmarrow.org/

Location: Barnes Memorial Park (Outdoor Amphitheater), Monterey Park, CA Time: 2pm to 8pm 
(Public event, open to all ages)

Local Dance Crews from the 626 Community will be competing for the title of “626 Best Dance Crew” 

1st place winner will receive: 

  • A dinner valued at $100 from Cha Cafe
  • 15% VIP discount cards from Ray Ray
  • A photoshoot by Tommy Su of SnapIt Studio (YTF’s photographer) 
  • Featured in the next Fung Brothers music video “BOBALIFE” and more to come…

Before the start of the event, A3M will hold a registry drive. All it takes is 4 to 5 mins to fill out a short form, get the cheek swab materials, swab your cheeks (takes 40 secs), and your done! It’s quick and painless. *You will need to be 18 & over to register* If you’re under the age of 18, please bring a family member that’s 18 & over.

There will be a $5 donation at the door for those who didn’t register with A3M on the day of the event and received a raffle for a meet & greet drawing with the celebrity judges & performers.

The competition will be Hosted by: The Fung Brothers (David & Andrew Fung)

Teams Competing:

  • Temple City High School - Choreo
  • Rosemead High School - All Male
  • Alhambra HS - All Male
  • Alhambra HS - Choreo
  • Bakarda Modern - West Covina
  • Honey Badgerz - West Covina
  • Notoriouz Crew - Baldwin Park
  • Fire Ferrets - San Gabriel
  • Mark Keppel HS - Choreo

Special performances by:

  • The Fung Brothers (YouTube Comedian Rappers)
  • Jason Chu (Asian-American Rapper)
  • Victor Kim (ABDC Season 3 winner, Singer, YTF)
  • Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (SYTYCD, Step Up 3D, Dance for Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas )
  • Kevin Lien ( YouTube Artist) and more…


  • Victor Kim
  • Jonathan “Legacy” Perez
  • Bart & Joe (Just Kidding Films, YouTube Comedians)

Event filmed by: Brite Visuals

Event sponsored by: 

Please spread the word to your family & friends!
Twitter: twitter.com/626movemeant
Website: 626movemeant.com

If you have any questions, please contact: tommy@626movemeant.com

Thank you for your support!”


More deets! Join us this Saturday and take a stand!

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