Your prayers always seem to be helping Janet. Here’s the latest from her:

"Via email with my oncologist about my latest bone marrow biopsy check for relapse: 

'Hi Janet - Great news the bone marrow shows 2% blasts consistent with maintained complete remission. Excellent!!!'

What this means is that as I stay within 0-5% I am considered in remission and ready to go for transplant. Repeated tests will show that I am 0% or 1% or 2% once again. They will all fall in this range. I hope I continue to stay this way for the next 12 days since I’ll be admitted for my final run on Aug 19. Wheeee!!!”

Janet wants to develop a soundtrack and give away to other patients and survivors at MD Anderson. What are some of your favorite songs about faith, perseverance, survival, love, bravery, courage, etc.?

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